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Grandfamilies: Caring for Yourself

February 2022

Grandfamilies are Great

Grandfamilies-GeneralFactSheet_Page1.jpgGenerations United has shared news addressing the issue of grandparents and other relatives raising grandchildren. “Grandfamilies” are families in which children live and are being raised by grandparents or other extended family members with whom they have a family-like relationship. That may include godparents and close family friends. The data shows approximately 7.8 million children across the country live in households headed by grandparents or other relatives. About 2.5 million grandparents report they are responsible for their grandchildren’s needs. In about a third of these homes neither of the children’s parents are in the home.

Despite facing many barriers, research shows that the children in grandfamilies thrive. Caregivers also experience benefits like an increased sense of purpose in life. Keep updated on grandfamilies news by signing up for their quarterly newsletter, The Grand Voice.

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