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About Us

The Illinois Family Resource Center (IRFC) is a statewide project, funded by the Department of Human Services: Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery, for the purpose of ensuring family involvement and input in all aspects of family services within the Illinois substance use disorder (SUD's) treatment system. Through the enhancement and dissemination of evidence-based treatment and recovery support services, families are provided support on their recovery journey.

IFRC encourages family members to participate in treatment and self-help services, as well as providing family members a voice in the development and implementation of practices, programs, and policies related to substance use disorder, mental health and gambling disorder. IFRC offers training and technical assistance to providers, related human services and community groups regarding the value of family involvement.

In addition, IRFC offers this website to provide current research and education to youth, young adults, family/community members as well as human service providers regarding issues related to substance use disorders, mental health and gambling issues. To support a healthy recovery journey for all, IFRC offers links to treatment services, self-help resources and community support throughout Illinois.

The IFRC website is provided by the Hour House, a community-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a comprehensive array of high-quality services for behavioral health promotion and substance use disorder issues.

Check It Out

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Family Tools

Our center will provide information to families with a loved one with a substance use disorder or co-occurring issue…

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Teen Life

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Gambling Disorder

Our center will provide information to families and communities that are impacted by gambling issues through…

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Kinship Care

Our center offers information to support grandparents and other kinship caregivers—those who provide care for someone…

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Communities & Agencies

Our center offers information to providers and community members with an interest in supporting recovery efforts through…

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