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Gambling Disorder: Family Impact

February 2022

The Family Impact 

igromania-1894847_1920.jpgAs we see more people come forward with a compulsive gambling issue, we know gambling doesn’t just affect the gambler. The extensive consequences involve the lives of spouses, children, friends, extended family, employers and co-workers. However, the hardest hit is the immediate family. Persons with a gambling disorder often feel their issue affects only them and their life, making it seem okay since they believe there are no gambling effects on the family. Families suffer with more than the material issues. The rates of divorce, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect are much higher in families where one or both adults have a gambling disorder.

The chaos created by the family gambling disorder generates the possibility for emotional, psychological, social, financial, and possibly legal issues that challenge a family or partner. Often, families are unsure how to help and tend to go into protective approach immediately. However, in the attempt to protect, sometimes it does more harm than good for all. To learn more about the impact of gambling on families and strategies for a family recovery, visit: Gambling's impact on families - Focus on the Family and 4 Negative Gambling Effects on Family & How to Deal With It (